Nau mai, haere mai

ki Te Waewae-Kapiti-o-Tara-raua-ko-Rangitane

Kapiti Island is the legacy of our whanau – a gift from our tupuna.

Thanks for joining us to discover the taonga that make our home so special. I hope you’ll love it as much as we do.

– John Barrett

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Our Taonga

As one of the most important bird recovery sites in Aotearoa–and one of the only sites accessible to the public–Kapiti Island is a pilgrimage we think everyone should make in their lifetime.

Enjoy the joyful birdsong–we have different soundtracks for day and night.

Reminder: Kapiti Island is not a petting zoo. Please don’t feed the birds.

(Really. Please don’t.)


Our Values

We’re guided by three core values:




These are the values that help us to foster deeper connections with our culture, our whenua, and our manuhiri–that’s you.

As guardians of our little piece of paradise, we have a huge responsibility to follow these values faithfully, and to represent the best of te ao Maori: the Maori world.

Our History

Millions of years ago, Kapiti Island was a towering mountain range connected to the mainland through a valley.

In those days, noble moa and gentle kakapo roamed the lush forests in peace.

Kiwis were numbered in the millions, gradually evolving into the flightless, mammal-like icons they would become.

As the sea level rose and flooded the valley, all that was left above water was the summit of that mountain range:

10 km long, 2 km wide, and 1,965 hectares of isolated native bush and native creatures.

Millions of years later, this motu saw the arrival of the Maori people and then the colonial European settlers.

Under Te Rauparaha in the 1800s, this motu sustained both cultures as they hunted the whales to local extinction, and formed strategic–even romantic–alliances. One such alliance was between George Stubbs, an English whaler, and Metapere Wai-Punahau, the young daughter of a prominent Maori family.

These are our tupuna. Their granddaughter, Utauta Parata, is the reason our whanau still hold this piece of paradise today.

The whaling industry died along with the last Southern Right whale to be seen in this area for the next hundred years.

What came next was the clearing of massive areas of land to make way for farming in the 1840s and 50s–up to 90% of the land, in fact.

Kapiti Island family
Kapiti Island family

Some passionate folk realised that we, as a country, were rapidly losing many species that couldn’t be found anywhere else in the world. At one time, 80% of our wildlife was endemic to Aotearoa.

Moves were made, and in 1897, Kapiti Island was reserved as a bird sanctuary.

Richard Henry, one of Aotearoa’s great conservation pioneers, moved here–and lived in the whare at Rangatira–from 1908. Goats were cleared in 1928. Cats, deer, sheep, cattle, pigs, and dogs followed. In a first-ever operation, all 22,500 possums on Kapiti were destroyed by 1986.

In another first for conservation, the Kapiti rat eradication operation in 1996 officially left Kapiti Island predator-free.

What comes next?

It takes work to protect this motu. Lots of work.

You are a part of this work, too…

When you follow our biosecurity checks before you get on board Te Aihe.

When you take your rubbish off the island with you.

When you share your knowledge with friends and whanau back home.

This is mahi you should be proud of, because we rely on it.

The history of Kapiti Island is equal parts noble, violent, and colourful.

If we all play our part now, the future of this motu is bright.

Our Tohu

In te ao Maori, we have a proverb.

“Kāore te kumara e kōrero mō tōna ake reka.”

The sweet potato does not say how sweet he is.

This whakatauki speaks to the humility of kiwis. We have a hard time showing off about ourselves. We’re not quite so humble about our home, though! To us, its the greatest place in the world, and we are proud and honoured to serve its mission.

Some of the most respected organisations in Aotearoa share our love for this motu.


Our Manuhiri

When you visit Kapiti Island, you’re visiting us at home.

It’s our mission to give you an experience that uplifts and empowers you. We hope you go home with a better understanding of conservation, preservation, and whanau.

It sounds complicated, but its not.

Here’s what the Kapiti Island experience looks like, through the eyes of our manuhiri.

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