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Being isolated from the rest of the world has made the Little Spotted Kiwi of Kapiti pretty unique.

We think that being isolated from the mainland has made the people of Kapiti pretty unique, too.

From caring for the bees that make our island’s honey, to weaving authentic harakeke, handcrafting jewellery from local materials, and spending hours in trees to take pictures of creatures that can’t be seen anywhere else in the world–we’ve got many things to show you.

We hope you like them.

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Kapiti Island Miere | Honey

Natural goodness, fresh from the source, and lovingly harvested right here on our shores. Keep your eyes peeled, and you may spot one of our hives nestled in the manuka forest.

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Manaaki's Pictures of Things

It’s a hard road getting the perfect photo. Luckily, the wildlife of Kapiti tolerate Manaaki sharing their trees–and crouching in their bushes–to capture them at their quirkiest. Look around Waiorua Bay, and you might spy some of our most famous canvas subjects.

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Pania & Co. Jewellery

Some pretty interesting things appear on the shores of Kapiti. Our manuhiri, for one! But also abandoned paua shells, sun-bleached bone, small pieces of our whaling history. Pania rescues these finds and transforms them into delicate, unique pieces of art. If you noticed her earrings today, know they are 100% Kapiti created!

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Waiorua Weaving by Adrienne

The regenerating bush at the north end of Kapiti is pretty impressive. When you see how Adrienne transforms plants from this bush into sustainable works of art, we think you’ll be impressed all over again. Keep a look out for the Art Gallery sign at Waiorua Bay. Some of her finest pieces are there to greet you.

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